Sunday, 23 December 2012

Social Madness

So, there's Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ and now Google+ communities.

In an attempt to get the community programme started on Google+, here's a couple of communities to join.

Survival, Bushcraft and Wild Camping

Wild Food, Foraging and Natural Resources

Please let us know if you find any more.

Monday, 17 December 2012

One man's junk ...

Just a Bottle?
Everyday objects have a great number of uses beyond those for which they were originally designed. Sometimes, even a basic modification can transform the mundane into a life saving tool. We've covered a nail, a piece of string and now this third article on imagination covers plastic bottles.

Plastic bottles are more likely to be found with you and your situation or washed up the beach than occurring in the woods or desert sands. If, however, you were to find such an item in a remote survival situation, then you ascertain that at some point, human kind were around and this may be a useful datum for signalling or locating civilisation, should you resort to navigating your way out. Though plastic itself has a huge lifespan, labels and colouration can be affected by the sun and the elements, so a tatty old bottle with a faded label might indicate that someone was here, but it was a while ago. As with all packet food, take a quick check for an expiry date. This can be a ballpark indicator of at least the minimum time since the owner was about.